NewAge Clinical is a staffing agency, operating out of New Jersey which has a proven record as a clinical staffing agency and provides clinical trial and research personnel to fulfill project needs and job openings within pharmaceutical, biotechnology and clinical research organizations nationwide. These organizations rely on us to fill pharmaceutical job openings or any service that requires the role of a clinical staffing agency. We are among the top staffing companies in New Jersey and the reason why we are here is due to our commitment and passion towards what we do. Unlike a typical clinical staffing agency, we give continual attention to our clients' human capital needs. We stay engaged with the evolving needs, understand changes in the market and communicate those changes by providing unbiased insights about the state of the industry in the view of your potential candidates and employees.

Here is a partial list of our clients:

  • Sanofi-aventis
  • Merck & Co
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Pfizer
  • Novartis
  • The Medicines Company
  • Genentech/Roche
  • MannKind Corporation
  • Covance

Here is why we become a winning partner to our clients:

  • We position our candidates, engage them and qualify them thoroughly. By measuring our consultants using 8 dimensions of best fit we assure the best scenarios for a successful match before submitting a candidate for consideration. We measure and manage the potential issues that lie in the way of a successful fit.
  • Beyond skill sets, the most competent and resourceful consultants have much more to consider when choosing their next contract. We understand their career needs, seek insight into potential issues and carefully facilitate the career finding process for our candidates to assure they are ready to work with you. Our 50-point questionnaire assures that we consistently ask every question and keep track of all processes before, during and after each successful placement.
  • Relationships are critical to success. We further understand our candidates because we keep in contact with them from before they are ready to leave their current contract or company up through the time they leave their next position. We address timing and competitor issues diligently with you.
  • Personality and Culture fit have been reported as an increasingly more important concern for our clients and candidates. We assess these critical areas utilizing assessment tools, including the SHL OPQ32 personality evaluation.
  • Learning is our primary goal. We learn from every encounter with our clients and candidates via survey tools and interviewing techniques to assure success beyond skill fit towards a more strategic workforce alignment.
NewAge Team

Our team environment offers the luxury of dedicated service to your projects. With recruiters specialized in behavioral psychology and human resources we utilize the best techniques to fulfill your contracting needs. We have used those same techniques to build our own highly effective clinical team. Our team offers a synergistic information-sharing environment full of complementary personalities with the same mission: To offer a complete solution to our clients and candidates with every interaction.